Cloud Desktop Solution

Remote working has become a norm. One thing that COVID pandemic made us understand was that all desk jobs can be done remotely. Accessing dekstop remotely became vital and part of life. However, the security of data and information – emerged as a key concern for many organizations. Hackers are now exploiting and targeting home networks. Secure company information is becoming vulnerable. Alongside, device management is also a key challenge for organizations – multi-locations, unsecure BYOD, device malfunction etc. are among some key issues.

In such scenarios, remote or virtual desktop solution that can be access from anywhere, any device and anytime is fast emerging as a viable alternate. However, companies have to stand-up a large hardware to support virtual desktop. Instead, one can choose cloud based virtual desktop solutions – no upfront investment, immediately available, flexible, and cost-effective (pay-as-you-go). They provide enterprise integrations thus securing and increasing productivity of remote employees.

Among Cloud Desktop solutions, AWS Workspaces is one of the popular options. CloudTechner has developed a simple purpose built solution leveraging AWS Workspaces for allowing employees to securely access desktop from anywhere, anytime. Connect with CloudTechner to learn more about how it would be relevant to you. Get expert guidance and assistance achieving your objectives.

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  • Security – Enterprise Content, stored safely. Complete control. Access via VPN.
  • Device Management – Roll out policies, controls, access removal etc. with agility, flexibility, and ease. No device issues. No data loss.
  • Enterprise Tools – Ensure enterprise tools are made available easily. Manage new tool rollout and upgrades in a fast and seamless manner.
  • Capacity on Demand – Provide specialized and resource intensive software. Increase capacity on demand.
  • Reduce Capital Expenditure – No need to buy expensive, high-capacity laptops or setup in-house VDI infrastructure.